Timbre Time


Happy Top 10 Tuesday, music friends!  Today, we are going to learn all about timbre or the tone quality of music.  To do so, we are going to use three different types of instruments from your Top 10 Tuesday musical instruments list.  (Click HERE to view the whole list of instruments.)

You will need the following:

An Instrument with a Wood Sound

You can use rhythm sticks. (Click HERE to view them for purchase on Amazon.com)



You can use the guiro.  (Click HERE to view one for purchase on Amazon.com)


An Instrument with a Metal Sound

You can use the triangle.  (Click HERE to view one for purchase on Amazon.com)


A Skin Instrument

Drums are skin instruments.  (Click HERE to view one for purchase on Amazon.com)


You will use these instruments to make sound effects for a story.  Each one of these sounds (wood, metal and skin) express a different timbre and will really represent a different tone quality throughout the story.

One great suggestion for a story is “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”  

Here is a great version of the story by.  (Click HERE to view it for purchase on Amazon.com)


This book paints the picture of the large objects (Papa Bear, the porridge, the chair and the beds) , medium objects (Mama Bear and her items) and small objects (Baby Bear and his objects.  )

Read the story playing the wood instrument for every large object, the metal instrument for every medium object and the skin instrument for every small object.  There will be an obvious difference between sounds.

Now go back and read the story a second time.  This time, drop out the words when reading the different objects and only play the sounds associated with them.  See if your child can name the sizes and objects just by hearing the sounds.

This is a really fun lesson for timbre, and I am sure your child will walk away distinguishing different sounds and becoming aware how sounds can take on different shapes of their own, too.

I hope you all have enjoyed this week’s Top 10 Tuesday music lesson.  For an archive of previous music lessons, click HERE.  Until next week, play on!


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