Love Will Keep Us Together, #891


What is this world coming to?  The Captain and Tenille are getting divorced after 39 years of marriage????  WTF?  I feel so lied to!  Whatever happened to “Love will keep us together?”

There are certain things that you come to rely on:  Sesame Street will continue to keep children entertained and educated for the rest of eternity, the Rolling Stones will keep touring until they croak, nobody will ever top The Beatles’ music and that “Love will keep us together” because the Captain and Tenille said so.

They are one of the few celebrity couples that really did stay together.  Seriously…who gets divorced after being married for 39 years?  That’s just insane!

My song of the day today is “Love Will Keep Us Together” by those hypocrites, The Captain and Tenille.  Please don’t think I chose the song out of my admiration for it.  You can listen to it if you want to (Click HERE to go to Youtube), but please know that the song has lost something for me after yesterday’s announcement.  Obviously for The Captain and Tenille…love most definitely did NOT keep them together.  So long 70’s fantasy…it was nice while it lasted.


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