Teenage Dream, #893


I met my teenage dream yesterday.  No, he was not a towering wall of brawn and masculinity.  This teenage dream was the most amazing shoe salesman in the whole wide world who fulfilled every girlie shoe fantasy I’ve ever had and gets an A++++++ in customer service.

Frenchy the Frenchman (That is not the nickname I dubbed him with.  That’s what he calls himself – Yes, I swear that’s true) was oozing with charm with his Parisian accent and very serious shoe demeanor.  No doubt about it…this man knew his shoes, and who needs brawn and masculinity when you’ve got serious business to attend to.

I showed “Frenchy” several pairs of the style of black ballerina flats I was looking for.  He took forever to come out of the back room.  Finally, when he emerged, he had two stacks of shoe boxes tucked under each of his arms.  I wish I had taken a picture.  It was an incredible site to behold.  Imagine something like this…but even better:

from Getty Images

from Getty Images

Frenchy did not just bring me out the shoes I had asked for.  He went 10 steps beyond that.  Frenchy brought me shoes that he thought I’d like.  He brought me shoes in similar styles that were known for comfort.  He brought me shoes that he liked and insisted I tried on.  OMG….I want this guy in my life forever!  He was so spot on with every suggestion.  I easily could have walked out of that store with 10 pairs of shoes.  As it is, I walked out with three.  Now this guy was good!

If all that wasn’t enough.  He rang up the shoes letting me and mother go ahead to the cafe in the department store so we could make the most of our time and have lunch.  We were seated and eating our salads when Frenchy walked in with our shopping bags and receipt.  I love this guy!

So yes, I met my teenage dream yesterday.  Your teenage dream might come in a different package, but I like mine carrying packages of shoes.  Frenchy, the Frenchman, this song is for you.  Click  HERE to hear Katy Perry sing about her “Teenage Dream,” and merci for a perfect time together.


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