Bernadette, #900


Bruno Mars at the Superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!   Oh, I am still so pumped up from watching that performance.  I love, love, love Bruno, and I totally know why he is so much fun to watch.  He is like modern day Mowtown.  He is the The Four Tops and Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye and The Temptations all rolled into one.  His energy is infectious and combining it with the energy of the Red Hot Chili Peppers was just over the top.

After watching the Halftime performance last night, all I want to listen to today is Motown.  Music of that era was so good, and somehow, it seems like music has steered away from the talent of that time for so many years.  Bruno Mars is refreshing, because he reminds us of what was and brings a modern twist to it.  His moves are all James Brown, and his voice is just as smooth.  I get so excited when I see this much talent in one person.  Yep, Bruno Mars was born to be performer.

So, today…thinking about music that was just as groundbreaking and talented, my song of the day is “Bernadette” by the Four Tops.  I see The Four Tops when I watch Bruno perform, and how nice it is to be reminded of this music.  So click HERE to watch and listen, and enjoy the talent.  Now this is what being a musician is all about.


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