Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money), #905


GSCookieTroopBoothI’ve written about  Girl Scout cookies a couple of times already this cookie season, but I am just so impressed with this whole process and am continuously inspired by it.  So, that said…another Girl Scout Cookie blog!

My daughter joined up with our troop Mom and her daughter at a Girl Scout Cookies troop booth last night.  We’ve had our own sales, but I really wanted to make sure that my daughter had this experience, too.  I am so glad we went!  The lessons learned were invaluable.  My daughter and the other little girl approached each customer as they were exiting the Albertson’s Grocery Store last night.  Very quickly, my little business girl learned how to wheel and deal and read her potential customer.  She had an answer for everything.

“Would like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?”

Customer:  “No thanks, I’m on a diet.”

“Well would you like to donate some money to the troops overseas?”

She learned the lesson about customers walking away pretending they didn’t hear her.  For every customer who ignored her, however, there seemed to be a super kind customer who chatted with the girls loving the whole child/grown up sale experience.  Customers made them solve math problems (If I give you $20, and the boxes are $4 each….how many boxes can I buy?”), they asked what cookies were their favorite, and they even treated the girls handing over their purchased box for the girls to keep.  It was all just so nice!

What a positive experience Girl Scout cookies are for a young Brownie.  Cookie sales continue through March 2nd.  If you’d like to purchase a box, I know my little Brownie would love to sell to you!

My song of the day today is from The Pet Shop Boys.  “Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)” is a fun way to bring music to this blog, so click HERE to listen to this blast from my past.  Enjoy, because music and cookies is a perfect blend!


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