Valentine, #907


Last night was a late night.  That is because we were up finishing Valentine’s cards.  My son’s teacher encouraged that each child make home made cards this year.  She sees great benefit in the project for children, and so we had big stuff to work on.

When my daughter caught wind that her brother would be making his Valentine’s Day cards from scratch, all of sudden, she had to do it, too.  This means more work for Mom, of course.

I love the fact that my children worked so hard on these cards despite all of the blood, sweat and tears it took to get the job done, but man…what a project.  This has been going on for two weeks in my house.  My kids need an A+ for effort.

So, blog readers, how could I not share these cards with you?  They have been such a big focus in my house for the last couple of weeks.

Here is my son’s card.  It is amazing that I actually got him to sit down and make them.  So, I had to pick something simple.  He is so proud of his work and especially loves that there is candy taped to the back of the card.


My daughter and I found her card idea online, and she just had to make them.  Most of the cards say, “I’m glad we’re in the same school,” but the one pictured says, “I’m so glad you’re my bruthr.”  She gets an A+ for effort for sure, but maybe not so much for spelling.


Of course, we needed a Valentine’s song for this blog post today, too.  I found one by Nils Lofgren,  a guitarist mostly known for his work with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and also with Crazy Horse.  I often forget that he has a really nice voice and had a solo career, too.  It’s amazing that all that talent can be embodied in one person, but anyhow…I really like his “Valentine” song.  CLICK HERE to hear it, and may you all wrap up your Valentine cards as painlessly and lovingly as we did. xxxooo, y’all!  Happy Valentine’s Day!



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