Too Many People, #914


Disneyland is, for sure, the “happiest place on earth” just as its logo insists. It is impossible to be in a bad mood as you walk around the Magic Kingdom with a grin plastered to your face the entire time.

That said, yesterday was just a little less magical than usual. Disneyland is also known for long lines and crowds of people, but at what point do they put a cap on admitting guests?

When I tell you all that there were too many people walking around at Disneyland, it is a gross understatement. The crowds were at an uncomfortable, and what I think was a little bit of a dangerous level. You could not go anywhere without people bumping into you and hanging on to your childrens’s hands in a tight grip to force not getting separated.

Even the Disney staff, who is usually so well trained, seemed stressed out. Several admitted to us that the crowd was unusually large and that it was a surprise they were not expecting.

Disneyland was off its game with several rides closed for refurbishing. Our family was disappointed not to go on “it’s a Small World,” “Splash Mountain,” “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad”, & the “Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage”.

Not only were there rides that were closed for refurbishing, but several of their other rides kept breaking down such as “Space Mountain,” “Matterhorn,” & “Peter Pan.”

Disneyland is all about customer service, and when my husband and I decided to voice our grievance, we were compensated with VIP seating at the amazing and impressive “Fantasmic” show. My son was turned away twice in the Mickey Mouse meet and greet line, so they gave us an autographed photo of Mickey, too.

Don’t get me wrong, Disneyland is still just about one of the best places in world, but come on! Turn people away from time to time to give the people who are already there a quality visit.

Anyhow, my song of the day is Paul McCartney’s “Too Many People,” because sometimes, there really are just too many. CLICK HERE to hear the song, and next time, I swear that I will only go to Disneyland midweek. Wednesday it is!



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  1. Sadly even on the weekdays it can be hectic. With locals being able to finance annual passes now, it’s because crazy crowds!! And so many rides were pulled down this year! Rumors are they are gearing up for their 60th anniversary coming up.

    I know when we had passes last year, we would be there right when they opened, and there was always a magic 2-3 hours (especially on a Sunday morning!) where we could really get rides in. But once noon hit? Chaos!!!!

    I still love it though. I hope y’all have a fabulous time!! Did you go see Aladdin? That’s always my favorite thing to do!

    ❤ Jules

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