Life is a Highway, #915


Over the next few days, I will be posting all about my recent trip to Disney’s California Adventures and Disneyland, as both visits have left me with a wealth of blog posts just buzzing through my mind.  Today, I am devoting my blog to California Adventures, and I need to write all about Cars Land.

First, let me say this…Cars Land is everything it’s cracked up to be and more.  Disney get’s a huge A+ in my book for their theme park adaptation of Radiator Springs, the fictional land made famous in the Cars movies.

When you walk into Cars Land, you are greeted with a majestic desert landscape that is truly stunning and almost seems real.  My kids kept asking if there were real cacti planted throughout and if they could touch the prickers.


The town itself is straight from the movies.  There is an old fashion gas station, Luigi’s shop and ride, a Mater ride, and the Cars characters driving down the road at any given time.

RadiatorSpringsSign RadiatorSprings_Haley Mater_Julie&Haley LuigisAirWheels_Haley Luigis_ScottandHaley LighteningMcQueen2

All of the rides in Cars Land are fun, but for sure, the star of the show is the Radiator Springs Racers ride.  Yes, the line is long to get in, but it is well worth the wait.  What I never knew before I actually went to CA Adventure is that the Radiator Springs Racers ride is an actual drag race and a high speed thriller.  We were in the Lightening McQueen car and we beat our competitor.   It was so much fun!

LighteningMcQueen CarsRidePic1 CarsRide_Kids

Cars Land alone makes a trip to CA Adventure worthy of a visit and the entrance fee expense.  If you are questioning if you should go, the answer is “yes.”  Do it.  It is super fun!

My song of the day is, of course, from the Cars movie soundtrack.  The Rascal Flatts recorded a really cool version of  Tom Cochrane’s “Life is a Highway,” and the video stars none other than Lightening McQueen.  Here it is to check out!

Life truly is a highway, blog readers, so you better make sure to one day make Disney’s CA Adventure’s “Radiator Springs” a pit stop!  You’ll be glad you did.


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