Mama I’m Coming Home, #918


My family and I took a recent trip to California.  Primarily, we went to Disneyland and California Adventure and visited with relatives, but somehow between it all, we managed to take a trip down memory lane.  In other words, my husband drove us past his childhood home.  Here it is…


It is such a sweet home, and I try to imagine my husband living there with his sisters.  He said he’d ride his bike to high school every day.  Of course, we drove by there, too…


We even went by his best friend’s house, and he explained that the neighborhood is practically unrecognizable.  Most of the homes had been torn down and rebuilt.  His friend’s house is the same though.


What my husband doesn’t know is that seeing where he really truly comes from was the favorite part of our vacation.  Sure, going to Cars Land in CA Adventure completely rocked, but it pales in comparison to seeing my husband’s history.  These are the places that made him into the man he is today…the man I fell in love with.

So, my song of the day today comes from Ozzy Osbourne.  As I was writing this blog, I had the chorus running through my head….”Mama I’m Coming Home.”  And that’s exactly what he did!


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