Rock Steady, #919

Ellen's "selfie" marks history as the most Retweeted picture of all times!

Ellen’s “Selfie” marks history as the most re tweeted picture of all times!

Oh, how I love watching the Oscars!  I am a sucker for all of the glitzy ball gowns and seeing celebrities receive awards with all of that emotion tunneled into amazing acceptance speeches.  I love the surprises and the recognition for jobs well done.  I love the silliness of the Oscar host jabbing the Oscar attendees.  I love the slip ups (John Travolta not being able to pronounce Idina Menzel’s name) or the slip falls (Poor Jennifer Lawrence…how humiliating!)

The crazy part is that I didn’t even see one of the Oscar nominated  movies this year with the exception of the animated films.  Nights out to the movies as a parent never happens!  Seriously…getting  a sitter and adding that money on top of the ticket/popcorn expense just doesn’t seem worth it.  The one movie I did see, “Saving Mr. Banks,” was completely Oscar worthy and was completely snubbed.  Go figure!

It doesn’t matter though.  Watching Hollywood’s most celebrated night is fun no matter what, and I love it.

That said, my song of the day is for Ellen DeGeneres, this year’s Oscar host.  She is just so much fun, and I loved her most re tweeted selfie!  What a fun and happy photo!  Aretha Franklin’s “Rock Steady” comes from Ellen’s most recent playlist dated February 26, 2014.  Ellen loves to dance, and this one has her name all over it…a true example of how much fun she is.  So, y’all…until the Oscars next year…let’s all have a little fun, and “Rock Steady” with Ellen!


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