Bohemian Rhapsody, #921


Our cleaning lady is coming today (Hallelujah!!!), which means we needed to clean up for the cleaning lady  last night.  All was well until I walked into my daughter’s room.  OMG!  An overwhelming mess!  Lord curse those Rainbow Loom rubber bands which were scattered all over her floor among all of the other crap that she just refuses to pick up!

My husband came up with a plan of attack.  “We’re dividing up the room into 4 quadrants,” he said as he explained “quadrant” to our children.  Praise to my hubby, because it totally worked.  With our family team effort, we had that room cleaned up in 10 minutes!  It was awesome.

“If all else fails,” he grinned explaining the moral of the story, “divide into quadrants!”

It occurred to me how much music is divided up into quadrants, too, i.e. — 4-part harmony.  I guess good things really can be divided up into fours.  I Google searched “four part harmony songs,” and the first to come up on Yahoo answers was “Bohemian Rhapsody.”  I have to admit….that’s a good one, so here it is as my song of the day, because good things truly can be divided into fours!


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