Mr. Bojangles, #922


It’s that time of year again…Purim.  Purim is a Jewish holiday where children dress up in costume.  My husband and I lead a big Purim Parade for the preschool at the JCC every year.  Typically, we try to find matching costumes, and today I’m trying to dream it all up again.  In our line of work, we have to wear costumes so often (for summer camp and our work with children) that we actually have a costume closet in our house.  It’s a big storage bucket that is overflowing.  I will do my best to dig though it and come up with something new & imaginative.

Looking through my past photos, I’ve realized that there are hardly any from Purims past.  We’re always working so hard during the Purim Parade that it’s impossible to take photos.  I only found 2 photos in our Archives.  How is that possible?

The cowboy year….Here’s my hubby


And the Luau year…


So now….I’m off to make another year festive.  Fingers crossed I’ll come up with something good.

In the meantime, my song of the day today is Sammy Davis Jr. singing “Mr. Bojangles.”  I chose this song because of the very visual description the lyric paints about his clothes.  “With ragged shirt and baggy pants and worn out shoes…”  Wish me luck and feel free to offer suggestions as I come up with something visual today.  To be continued until after the parade…


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