Disappear, #924


I have never really been a big fan of flying, and as a kid, my family took a few vacations to Bermuda.  My parents had their honeymoon there, and they loved returning to their favorite spot.  Those vacations were so memorable and wonderful, but it always spooked me to travel there.  It wasn’t just my normal nerves that I’d have to deal with when we’d traveled to the gorgeous island with the pink sand beaches, however.  There was also the additional fear of flying over the Bermuda Triangle.  Legend had it that flights and ships would disappear within this triangle with a point in Florida, one in Puerto Rico and one in Bermuda.

Picture from Wikipedia

Picture from Wikipedia

Of course, I was a kid when I went there, and scary legends were always magnified in my imagination.  Obviously, nothing ever happened to us.  We just had amazing vacations, but the legend of the Bermuda Triangle is something that always stayed with me.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370’s disappearance is bringing the Bermuda Triangle back to my thoughts all of these years later.  How could this airplane disappear into thin air?  Every lead (including the oil leak on the water) has come up with dead ends.  There is absolutely nothing for even the experts to stand on.  There have been 34 airplanes and 40 ships from 10 different countries searching for Flight 370, and still, after 3 days of searching, they have some up completely empty handed.  What in the world could have possibly happened to this flight?

It’s like the greatest fear coming true, and my heart goes out to the families of the people on that flight who can draw no conclusions and are just waiting for something…anything…to turn up.

So, my song today is the one that has been running though my mind as I’ve read the news articles.  “Disappear” by Inxs seems apropos, and scary legends aside, this time the story is real.  We can only pray that someone cracks this case.  Fingers crossed and prayers are felt!


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