Scavenger Hunt for Wind


Happy Top 10 Tuesday, friends!

It’s March, and we all know the old adage, “In like a lion, out like a lamb.”  That is what March is all about, and Tucson is no exception this year.  We have seen a couple of really windy days, so I thought today would be a great day for a lesson in wind.

We have two excellent “wind” instruments on our Top 10 Tuesday list of instrument.  (CLICK HERE for the complete list.)

The first instrument is a recorder


CLICK HERE to see a Yamaha recorder listed on

The second instrument is a pitch tube.  Even though you do not blow into them like traditional wind instruments, the sound produced with a pitch tube is, in fact, from wind.


CLICK HERE to find a pitch tube for purchase online.

The Activity

Walk around your house listening for sounds produced by wind.  You can also look for items that will make noise through wind.  Some hidden wind sounds could be coming from wind chimes, kazoos, hair dryers, fans, blowing though a Coke bottle or a jug, blowing through a straw, etc.  I am certain there are many items through your home that will make a great sound from wind.

Of course the very best “wind” sound is from the wind itself.  There’s nothing like honing in to you listening sense and putting your attention on the sound of a wind storm.  If it’s not a windy day, show your child some Youtube footage with wind sounds.

Peaceful wind…

Wind storm…

Wind at the ocean…

Wind sounds during a tornado…

I hope you have all had fun exploring wind today.  Please check back every Tuesday for some more musical fun.  For previous Top 10 Tuesday music lessons, CLICK HERE, and until next week, play on!


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