An Update on Hamantaschen


Hi Tucson Songstress blog readers!

Yesterday I wrote all about my fear of baking with a huge Jewish Purim baking project ahead of me. (CLICK HERE to read my “Stir it Up” post)

I am here to report today that though every step of our cookie process was not 100% on Julia Childs level, boy did we have fun!  Here’s our “Hamatascehn selfie.”  Ellen Degeneres & the Oscars have nothing on us!

Hamataschen Selfie

On Fridays, I write for another blog of the Tucson JCC called “Shabbat Shmoozings.”  I thought I’d share this week’s blog post with you all, so you can see all of the Hamataschen fun we had for yourselves.  CLICK HERE to go to the Tucson JCC website and check out “Keep Calm & Bake Cookies!”

Thanks for checking out the Tucson Songstress and for your continued support.

All the best wishes for a wonderful weekend!

–The Tucson Songstress



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