Let’s Go to the Movies, #928


One of the sweetest (and maybe some would view as annoying) moments as a parent is when my kids get an idea in their head, and it just MUST happen.  More often than not, I have to answer them with a big “no.”  “No, honey, we are not getting a guinea pig.  We have 3 cats and 2 dogs already.”  Or — “No, son, we are not buying you the Skylander Giants game system.  We just bought Disney Infinity.  Isn’t that enough?”  Sometimes I feel like a big “no” machine.  Poor kids…and in my self pity…poor Mommy, too!

Movies, on the other hand, are the one thing I usually say “yes” to.  The kids will see an advertisement for a movie on TV, and their friends will start talking about it, too.  Before we know it, it’s opening weekend, and my kids are begging to go.  We don’t always get around to seeing new releases the minute they come out, but we do try to make an effort to get to all the kid films.  I know how much it means to my children, and our time together at the movie theatre is something I know that they absolutely love, love, love.

Yesterday, it was “Mr. Peabody & Sherman,” which was really really cute.  Parents, I give it a thumbs up, and I love that this one promotes being smart as cool.  Definitely say “yes” this time to your kids when they ask, because we all know how nice saying “yes” feels.

It is was nice to have a “yes” day yesterday, and so my song of the day today celebrates the simple joy of going to the movies.  “Let’s Go to the Movies” from Annie is such a happy performance and definitely matches up to my family’s movie fun.  Interestingly enough, there was a movie trailer yesterday of a modern-day Annie movie coming out.  It might be a little too hip for my liking, but already, the kids are begging to go.  My answers is “Yes!”


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  1. It must be a world wide kid epidemic of wanting more. Every time one of my Son’s friends gets something new he wants one too! Recently it has been an iPhone. He already has a phone. I asked him ” doesn’t your phone make calls, send texts and make you feel safe when you go out alone. ” He answered yes so I asked “then you don’t need an iPhone, what makes it different?” His answer … “They play music. ”
    I am a “no Mom” but he has “yes, yes, YES! Grandparents.
    I do like going to the movies. The last movie we saw was “Frozen” and we all loved it. If only it weren’t so expensive I would go see them all as well.

    • Michelle! Boy do I agree about the expense part of it. So expensive! We always go during the day and buy 1 XL popcorn & 1 XL diet coke. We ask for extra bags and extra cups and divide it up between all of us. Even with all of the effort to save a bit, it’ll still cost $50 for the 4 of us. We only actually go every few months though, so I just chalk it off as a household expense. So sad movies cost this much money. My hubby and I never see grown up movies, because with a babysitter cost on top of it..it’s just not worth it.

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