Mr. Sandman, #932


From the Daily Prompt:

Daily Prompt: Mr. Sandman

What kind of sleeper are you? Do you drop off like a stone and awaken refreshed, or do you need pitch black and silence to drift off to dream?



The Princess and the Pea….that is me.  All conditions must be absolutely perfect for me to get sufficient shut eye.  I need a big cozy bed with room to toss and turn, a smushy pilly (MY smushy pillow) to completely hug and destroy in my sleep, the perfect amount of sheets/blanket that will add weight over my body but not make me too hot and about 15 peaceful minutes prior to turning out the lights just to make my eyes tired with reading and to wind down from the day.

I feel like a snotty celebrity who has one of those touring contract riders with a list of demands as they get to each concert venue on the road.  Regardless, that is what I need to give me a restful night.

No, I’m not a person who likes to rough it and go camping sleeping in tents in a sleeping bag.  I know this may seem shocking since I am such a camp lover, but camping and camp are two entirely different things in my opinion. If I have a bed of any quality, I can usually make it work with the proper adjustments and at-home touches.  If I have a sleeping bag with nothing between me and the ground other than a thin strip of nylon….watch out!  I’m a bear the next morning.

I don’t require a huge amount of sleep to function the next day, but it must be quality.  Yes, I guess I have demands, but oh well….I know what I need to make me the best I can be!

So there you have it…an answer to WordPress’s “Daily Prompt.”  I love using their prompt from time to time, and today, they even provided me with the song of the day!  This “Mr. Sandman” prompt came with a “Mr. Sandman” video to give us some inspiration.  So, I in turn, will share Pamplamoose Music’s version of this classic little Chordettes’ tune all about getting a good night’s sleep.  Hope you all sleep well tonight.  I know I will, because I have all the comforts of home to look forward to.


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