Sk8er Boi, #933



Somehow, my little 7-year-old full-of- piss-and-vinegar son has gotten into skate boarding.  We had a skate board lying around the house, and an older friend of my daughter’s came over and played with it once several months ago.  I don’t really know how it happened, but since then, my little guy figured out how to use the thing on his own.  The crazy part is that he’s actually pretty good at it.

He’s pretty good at it except for the fact that he’s only 7.  That’s why he didn’t understand that the skate board would get damaged when he threw it into our pool to see if it would float.  That little ill-fated experience only damaged one wheel somehow though, but still…he’s been begging to get it fixed.

Rather than have him ride around on it with a broken wheel, my husband finally took my son to our local skate shop in Tucson.  Starr Skates is the “coolest store on the planet” according to my son.  He is hooked, so my husband took some safety measures.  Not only did he get the wheel fixed, but my husband invested in some safety gear, too.  Seriously…couldn’t he have picked something a little less terrifying for a Mom?  Check out our little skater so proud of his new set up.


I love that my boy chose this sport on his own and figured it out all by himself.  He’s incredible…even watching Youtube videos to learn tricks.  Move over Tony Hawk…your future competition has arrived.

My song of the day is from annoying little snot-nosed Avril Lavigne.  Talk about being full of piss and vinegar!  She has the only skate boarding song I know though, and I do have to admit that it was nice for awhile to have something a little different than every other pop star was singing.  So here you go…one for my little “Sk8er Boi.”  Lord help us!


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