If I Only Had a Brain, #935


Getting older is weird.  As I’m sitting here trying to write a blog for y’all today, I’m staring at a blank screen and am scratching my head.  Sometimes there is an obvious topic that I am just burning to write about, but today is not one of those days.  Today is one of those days when I am trying to reflect back on the prior day’s events & occurrences to come up with something meaningful.

Here’s the crazy (and slightly scary) part though.  I can barely remember what I ate for lunch yesterday let alone come up with anything earth shattering to write about.  I know I lived through an entire fruitful day and got a lot accomplished, so why can’t I remember any of it?  Is that a sign of getting older?  Did I destroy too many brain cells in college partying?  Goodness gracious!

So today I’m writing about all the systems I have in place to keep my “old” brain in check.  I have to do lists and calendars and email alerts all in place to remind me to do what I need to do.  Does everyone else have to take all of these measures, too?  I wonder, because I’m really not that old.

At least my song of the day is delightfully jolly and  will for sure bring a smile to any reader’s face.  “If I Only Had a Brain” is a classic scene from “The Wizard of Oz,” and even though this isn’t my favorite blog topic….the song will forever be wonderful.  So enjoy…I’m off to check my calendar!


About tucsonsongstress

I am a music teacher for children ages 6-weeks-old - 8th grade. I am also a camp songleader and a Jewish music specialist with and without my husband who is known as Shabbat Scott. We love singing with people of all ages all over Tucson. My "song of the day" idea originally started by playing music challenges on Facebook. I loved choosing songs, and my friends seemed to love reading and listening to my choices. I have decided to continue a daily blog (or as daily as I can manage) and tell you all some stories through some songs that have touched me either in wonderful ways or by annoying the heck out of me. Hope you all enjoy this blog! Happy singing!

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