So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star, #936


Ladies and gentlemen….

Let me introduce to all of you….the world’s greatest fresh new face of fame and stardom….

MY SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ll wait for your applause to die down before I speak.  Thank you, thank you!

Ha!  All kidding aside, my little guy was in his first ever play yesterday.  He worked so hard on his one line as a “commentator” and had me practice it with him for several nights leading up to the big show.  The night before his performance, he announced to me that he needed to wear his “fancy” clothes.  So, I pulled out a button down shirt, and he was very pleased.


For a couple of years now, my son has watched me write and direct shows for children, and my daughter always is a part of them.  My son has said he has wanted to be in one of my shows, too, but unfortunately, his maturity level has just not been up to par.  He is more interested in goofing off, and I am not in a place where I can be his Mommy when I’m working with all of those other children and need to come up with good results and get a show off of the ground.

I have to say…I was pretty proud of his performance yesterday.  You could tell, being in a play meant something to him, and he immediately ran over to me for a hug the minute he jumped off the stage knowing he had done a good job.  He was so proud that he even refused to change out of his “fancy clothes” until he went to bed yesterday.  You should have seen him in karate class…the best dressed and most sweaty kid for sure!

Perhaps I have misjudged my son.  Perhaps he is ready for more than I give him credit for.  He told me how nervous he was to remember his line, but I know how wonderful he felt for accomplishing something so great.  That is the beauty of giving kids the opportunity to perform, and I love it.

So my song of the day is, of course, for my little rock star.  “So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star” is originally by the Byrds, but I really like this Tom Petty cover of it.  My boy has stars in his eyes, and I am so proud of him.  Way to go, buddy!



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