Bear Down Arizona, #938


I have never been a big sport’s enthusiast.  There is no secret there.  I am an artsy fartsy music gal and have just never been able to wrap my head around sporting games.  Don’t get me wrong…I love all the spirit and energy at games and love to celebrate, but despite the energy, it’s just not my thing even though I am so proud of my U of A alumni status.

All that said, when we are in the playoffs, then I begin to take notice a bit.

Last night the University of Arizona played an incredible game against Wisconsin, and in those last 10 minutes of the game, I was glued to the TV.  Biting fingernails, heart racing…you’d never know that I hadn’t watched a game all year.

And then we lost.

Okay…that brief 10 minutes of insanity was done.  I am back to being all about music.  That was way too much excitement to only be let down like that.

Oh….and not to mention the behavior of sports fans near campus rioting in the streets in Tucson after we lost.  Why in the heck would anybody behave so badly after a game?  I know you’re all disappointed…but sheesh!  Really?  Is that how we want to represent our city?  That we’re really poor losers?  Talk about disappointment!  If you all thought losing was bad….it’s the sports fans that let me down last night.  The Wildcats have nothing to be ashamed of, but the fans…..purely disgusting!

As for the basketball team…if you can get this non-sports-minded musical mama to sit down and watch a game, you can do anything.  I may not watch your games next year (until the playoffs), but I’ll be rooting from the sidelines.  Bear Down!


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