You Oughta Know, #941

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Picture from

Oh….my poor friend.  I stopped by to say hi to her yesterday, and she was listening to Carly Simon singing “You’re So Vain.”  I love the song, and of course, in my true fashion, I began to happily sing along.  She took one look at me and burst into tears.

She was so shaken because the guy she had been seeing had posted a picture of himself with another girl online.  My friend and this mean guy were not exclusively committed to each other, but seeing that picture hurt her nonetheless.

There was only one solution…..listen to Alanis Morissette.  My friend needed angry woman music, and Alanis was the first one to come to my mind.

Consoling my friend yesterday made me recognize just how much I appreciate being married.  All of those icky dating emotions came flooding back with my friend’s heartache.  I hated dating!  It really did just plainly suck.  Sorry men…but you all can be heartless.

Thank goodness ladies have a sisterhood since most of us have been down the awful “got hurt” road, and thank goodness for music like Alanis Morissette to only confirm that we are not alone.  So here you go , my dear…if all else fails, listen to Alanis, and let her music remind you that we’ve all been there.




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