Sugar Babies, #944



When I was in high school, my family took a trip to London.  Back in those days, I was completely immersed in musical theatre.  I even went to a performing arts school so I could hone my skills and eventually become a Broadway star.  Of course, that never happened, but I definitely still have a soft spot for Broadway.

Knowing that, I’m sure you all can imagine how I felt the day when we saw Mickey Rooney and Ann Miller standing outside a stage door just after they performed “Sugar Babies.”  I was in awe…two icons standing right before me.

I didn’t really have a conversation with them, but what I remember is that they were smiling and happy and laughing.  They gave warm hellos and went on their way…two theatre chums giddy from a performance well done.

Of course, that moment is the first thing that went through my head when I learned of Mickey Rooney’s passing yesterday.  He lived such a long full life, but still, it is always so sad to lose something great.  And he was great…really great.

When you think of all the movies he was in, it really is mind boggling.  I personally loved him as Mr. Yunioshi is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” the most.  Holy moly….I still can’t help cracking a smile when I think of him in that role.  “National Velvet” is one of my favorite movies, as well, and I just loved him with a young Elizabeth Taylor.  The Andy Hardy roles alone would have put him on the map, but according to IMDB, he began his movie career during the silent film era in 1926 and still has a couple of movies in pre-production listed in 2014.

Yes, even in a pint-size package of 5’2” tall, Mickey Rooney was a giant.  Thank goodness we have his huge body of work to immortalize him, and I can’t wait to go watch a bunch of these favorite films as soon as I can.  What a good way to remember him.

My song of the day is the “McHugh Medley” from Sugar Babies, because it reminds me of one of the most impressionable moments that I am fortunate enough to carry with me forever.  I hope you enjoy watching this performance as much as I do.  RIP, Mickey.  Thank you for giving the world years of amazing entertainment and good laughter.




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