Sergeant Bull Frog and the Froggies of Egypt Land, #948




Good morning blog friends!

Passover is the most epic and dramatic tale, and this week at my work, I was able to help bring it to the stage two times!

The staff at the Tucson JCC performed the story for our preschool, and our school-aged Performing Arts Club performed “Sergeant Bull Frog and the Froggies of Egypt Land” too.  Sergeant Bull frog is an original musical adaptation of the Passover story from the frog’s point of view, and it is something that I am really proud of.  I wrote it and directed it, but most of all, I am super proud of the performance that the kids pulled off.

Check out my week Shabbat blog , “Shabbat Shmoozings” that I write for the Tucson JCC today.  It includes photos from both performance and a couple of video clips from the Sgt. Bull Frog performance, too.  I am especailly proud of the song, “Whatever Happened,” because my hubby and I wrote it together!  I wrote the lyrics, and he wrote the melody.  I love working with him so much, and I really love how the song came out.  CLICK HERE to be directed to the JCC website to listen to it.

I hope you all have a wonderful Passover.  Our celebrating is already fantastic!  Chag Peasach Sameach! (Happy Passover Holiday)


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