Shopping, #949

Julia Roberts shopping in "Pretty Woman"

Julia Roberts shopping in “Pretty Woman”

I am a reformed shop-a-holic, but dear blog readers, I must admit, the tendencies are all still there.

When I was a teen, I used to have my Mom drop me off at the mall with my bestie.  We’d spend the whole day there with minimal money to spend but somehow always came home with small bags of trinkets and goodies.  As soon as I returned home, I’d go straight to my bedroom and lay all my purchases out on my bed.  It made me absolutely giddy with joy to see my new treasures all in one place before me.

Nowadays, I rarely go shopping for myself.  I’m a mother.  My kids come first.  Typically, when I come home with shopping bags today, it’s mostly for them.

Well, the other night I had a rare night to myself, and my sweet, amazing, awesome mother and father wanted to buy me some birthday clothes.  So, I high-tailed it to the mall and tried on at least 50 garments.  It was so much fun.  I felt like “Pretty Woman.”  Of course, I scaled it down to 3 cute outfits, but that teenage shopper’s high was flooding back.  So much fun!

What is it about shopping that can turn me back into a mall rat in 2 seconds flat?  I figured I’d grow out of this teeny bopper phase eventually, but heck no!  Give me dinner in the food court and aerobic power shopping any day to almost any other evening out.

I found the funniest song of the day today.  It is so cheesy, and I can’t help but to share it with all of you.  The band is called Supersister.  I’ve never heard of them before, but their song “Shopping” perfectly expresses my teenage shopping dreams.  It is just so silly, but please note these band girls are definitely beyond their teenage years, too.  Good to know that I”m not alone!



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