Play Your Room


Happy Top 10 Tuesday y’all!


Today, we’re going to do a very simple and fun activity that celebrates the joy of sound and rhythm.

Instead of using one of the Top 10 instruments (CLICK HERE to see the Top 10 instruments list), you will be making a very easy set of drum mallets.  All you will need are:


–Rubber bands

Once you have gathered your supplies, wrap a rubber band around one end of each chopstick.  You will get a set of mallets that look like this:


Once you have them, it is time to make some music!


The Activity

Go into your room and explore sound!  Hit the mallets against your dresser, the window, the window sill, the walls, a mirror, wastebaskets, the blinds, etc.  Create different sounds and listen to the music you can make.  It is fun to try this activity with another person and try to come up with cool rhythms that work together.  Go for it!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s Top 10 Tuesday music activity.  Make sure to check back every Tuesday for more musical fun.  To see an archive of previous Top 10 Tuesday music activities, CLICK HERE.  Until next week, play on!



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