One Man Band


Happy Top 10 Tuesday everyone!  Today we are creating your child into a “one man band.”

Before you do that, let them see what a one man band is.

My personal favorite one man band is when Dick Van Dyke played one in the movie, Mary Poppins.

Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins

Dick Van Dyke from Mary Poppins


CLICK HERE to go to Youtube to see the video clip from that scene.

Now it’s time to turn your child into a one band!  Here are some suggestions:

Mouth:  Harmonica, Recorder, Kazoo

Neck:  Hand either a tambourine, a hand drum or bells around the neck

Under the arm: A bike horn

Elbows/Wrist:  Tie on jingle bells

Hands:  Maracas or any shakers

Knees:  Tie on cymbals or lids to pots…anything that will clank when you hit your knees together

Ankles:  Tie on more jingle bells

Once they are all put together, let them have fun and try to put together a song rather than just noise.  I can guarantee some big smiles and lots of silly musical fun.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s Top 10 Tuesday music activity.  For a complete list of the musical instruments under $40 that will help to promote music education in the home, click HERE.  For an archive of previous Top 10 Tuesday music activities, click HERE, and until next Tuesday,play on!


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