You’re So Vain, #962



I have a hair appointment today, and blog readers, I can’t even begin to tell you how important that appointment is to me.  It’s been 2 months since I’ve had a haircut, and my roots are a mile long.  The crappy part is that I have some gray hairs coming in nowadays, too.  I absolutely hate that.

What always strikes me when a hair appointment comes up in my schedule is just how much I need to alter my life around it.  I have rearranged everything so I can have a couple of hours to myself at the salon.  My husband is in charge of the kiddos as I go get primped and pampered.  There is almost nothing else in my life that I do this for…but my hair is a different story.

Good hair is an absolute necessity, and yes, I know I sound shallow, but really….is there anything wrong than being a little vain?  I often wonder if most ladies take their hair as seriously as I do, because to me, my locks are my crowning glory.

So…I am off for a “beauty day” today, and I am absolutely giddy over it.  Gray hairs be gone!!!!

My song of the day is Carly Simon’s awesome 70’s hit “You’re So Vain.”  Rumor has it that she wrote this for Warren Beatty, but today, I will admit….it could have been written for any of us salon-o-philes.  Beauty may only be skin deep, but it certainly helps to realize this when you’re hair is looking fabulous.



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