Everyday Feels Like Sunday, #963



Today is a coveted day.  It is the last day of religious school for the year!  Don’t get me wrong…I like teaching religious school music & bibliodrama.  It’s fun, and how many families can say that they go to religious school together every week?  We are so lucky that it is a shared experience.

All of the positive things said though, I must admit that it will be so nice to have a full weekend back.  Two jammie mornings in a row seems like the biggest luxury in the world.  It’s almost too good to be true.

The funny thing is that my body is so used to waking up at an early hour that I rarely sleep past 6am on a weekend anyway.  The idea of having extra laundry time, extra play date time for the kids…..oh!!! — I am so excited for this reprieve of a relaxing few months when Sundays are really Sundays.

My song of the day is from a band called Of Montreal.  Their “Everyday Feels like Sunday” is such a happy little melody, and it reflects my Sunday love perfectly right now.  So, enjoy it….and when I say, “Happy Sunday,” I mean it with all my heart!



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