Tucson Summer Music



Happy Top 10 Tuesday, blog friends!  Today I am sharing information and using my Top 10 Tuesday post to tell you about a local organization that is so amazingly special.  Tucson Summer Music is a nonprofit that provides free music education for children in lower income families.  Each child will have one on one private lessons, group classes, music theory classes and more for the months of June & July.  The program teamed up with St. Philip’s church who also runs a school year-round after school music program.

I am so touched to read about founder, Shelby King, who began this nonprofit when she drove by a school with an advertisement hanging on its building:  “We teach fine arts.”  She was so disturbed to think that this was something that would be a selling point about the school that she decided to do something about it.  Tucson Summer Music was her answer to a growing problem in Tucson, but also in the United Stares as a whole – arts programs in public schools are few and far between.

Here is Shelby’s contact information if you or someone you may know are interested:  shelby@tucsonsummermusic.com or by phone at (520) 289-7982.  CLICK HERE to be directed to the Tucson Summer Music website.

Music is a means of expression, and studies have proven that children who learn instruments do better in school.  This is an opportunity for many.  So go for it!  Give your child the gift of music.  It is one of the best things you can ever do for them



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