Thinking of You, #966


This is a group of school girls at the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, Nigeria.


When this picture was taken, they were in their nice crisp uniforms living in an isolated world, and the idea of a group of uniformed military terrorists ripping them from their dormitory beds in the middle of the night is just unimaginable.  The Boko Haram terrorist organization is threatening to sell them into slavery, and they have been missing for almost a month now.

The big question:  Should the United States get involved?

I don’t even have to think about this one.  Here’s your answer:



This story makes me think of the many harrowing tales of the Holocaust when Jews were yanked from their homes and everything comforting that they knew in life and were sent to concentration camps.  Six million Jews died, and where would we be if the United States didn’t get involved?

So yes….please, dear G-d, help this country who is probably not capable of getting these girls back on their own and help them wipe out Boko Haram so this can never happen again.  This story just chills me to the bone, and I am praying for these girls and their family.

My song of the day is a lesser known Lenny Kravitz song called “Thinking of You.”  I am certainly thinking of these girls — a lot.  They are on my mind, and I just pray they are found soon.



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