Alice’s Restaurant, #967


My family and I are on vacation in Las Vegas visiting my Mother-in-law for Mother’s Day, and last night, we took part in a long-standing Las Vegas tradition. We went to a buffet.

I have been on a non-carb diet since September, and believe it or not, a Las Vegas buffet was actually really good for me. There were so many options. Sure, I probably ate too much, but it was easy to stick to non-carb options with all of those choices before me.

This blog today is not about me and my diet, however. Rather, it is about my kids. My family is not a family that goes to buffets very often, and we only eat at them when my kids beg enough to break us down to go to their favorite “Sweet Tomatoes.” They love going there so much, and last night it occurred to me why.

Plain and simple….kids love being able to choose for themselves. They love having freedom. A buffet is the perfect opportunity for them to run around during a meal and get to eat exactly what they want. A buffet is heaven for a kid.

When my son came back to the table, he had cheese nachos, a slice of pizza and butter noodles…all of his very favorite things in one place. He even had a chocolate brownie for dessert. Guess what, parents? On his own, he even balanced out all of those completely unhealthy foods with a salad…with no urging from me either! Granted, I would not normally allow him to eat this meal, but heck — the kid can have a little fun on his vacation. So, I let go of it. Enjoy, dear boy.

My daughter was just so happy to try foods from all the different stations – the made to order Mongolian BBQ, the Italian station, the American station and the Mexican station. She didn’t even get to dessert.

So, my song of the day is one where “you can get anything you want.” “Alice’s Restaurant” by Arlo Guthrie is a classic, and I know Arlo was on to something. Choices are the best…especially to kids.CLICK HERE to check out this awesome song!. Enjoy and happy Saturday to all!


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