Talk Dirty To Me, #968



Las Vegas is the city of sin, and it’s hard to think of all of this glitz and glam as a family town.

Last night was the perfect family night, however, and we did it with true Las Vegas flair.

Dinner was a delightful surprise at the Hard Rock Cafe. When HRC closed at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, I pretty much forgot about this fun rockin’ establishment. The big neon guitar was enticing enough to get our attention, however, as we drove by, and we decided to head in for dinner.

The food was great and the ambiance even better. My kids loved seeing Kiss mannequins and Michael Jackson’s shoes and even Elvis Presley’s guitar. I think I was pretty much in my element, too, as I ogled at all of the memorabilia that just rocks my world.

One really cool part of the Las Vegas HRC is that they have live music. An 80’s hard rock cover band, “Those 80’s Dudes,” played and completely rocked the house. It was a blast, and my kids were mesmerized seeing a real rock band up close and personal. They seemed like the nicest guys, too, even giving my son a guitar pick.

We topped off our evening with some midway games at Circus Circus, but for me, the real fun of the night was hanging with Those 80’s Dudes. Please check them out and give them some fan support.

Their website: CLICK HERE

Their Facebook Page: CLICK HERE

A YouTube Video of their work including “Talk Dirty To Me,” my song of the day:

My family experienced Las Vegas in a way that was both good for kids and good for parents last night thanks to some awesome music, good food and tons of fun. If you’re ever in LV with your kids, make sure you hit up The Hard Cafe. It’s fun for the whole family


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