Paranoid, #969


I have come to a realization, and I have to get it off my chest.  All my life, I have hated to fly in airplanes.  I do it despite my panicky fear, because I love to travel, but I never can completely relax on a plane and jump at every ounce of turbulence.

I also used to say that I don’t have a fear of heights…just a fear of falling and plummeting to my death.  This is the realization now….I was completely wrong.  I do have a fear of heights, and it’s taken a couple of really high bridges to help me figure this out.

The first bridge was the Golden Gate Bridge.  My family and I were on vacation in San Francisco, and I had a full blown panic attack walking across it.  It was so bad I had to turn around and go back.  I wrote about it at the time.  CLICK HERE to read that blog about that ridiculous moment on the Golden Gate Bridge.


The past weekend, I had the same experience again.  My family and I were driving home from Las Vegas and had to drive over that new bridge that bypasses the Hoover Dam.  As we drove over it, I had to close my eyes and plug my ears (the sound is different as you’re driving over the bridge) and my heart was racing out of my chest.  It was an awful feeling.


Now after two of these crazy panic-filled experiences, I am finally admitting that I have an abnormal fear of heights.  How in the heck did this happen? I wish I could get over it, but it seems like no matter how many times I fly or drive over bridges, it gets worse…not better.

There.  I admit it.  I am a crazy nut, and my song of the day is “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath.  I am a “Paranoid” freak, and the best I can do is write about it.



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