Proud Mary, #970


Last night was the 66th Israeli Independence Day Celebration in Tucson.  I’ll write more about the event itself in my Friday Shabbat Tucson JCC blog, Shabbat Shmoozings, tomorrow, but for today, I want to write about the special 12 Torches ceremony where my mother was honored last night.

I need to write this blog today to express to all of you how incredibly proud I felt of my mother standing on the stage with all of these other remarkable women.  My Mom is a powerhouse, and each time she has been recognized, it is because she works tirelessly for the causes she believes so passionately in.  She is beautiful.

In Israel, the 12 Torches ceremony marks the end of Yom Hazikaron (the holiday honoring fallen soldiers) and the beginning of Yom Ha-atzmaut – Israeli Independence Day.  Each year, the state of Israel chooses 12 people (significant for the 12 tribes) to light a torch and be recognized for their contributions to the country.  The theme this year was women, so in Tucson last night, 12 women were chosen, as well.

Here are some photos from the evening, and perhaps you’ll understand how special this ceremony was.

Flowers AllLitUp 12Torches_MomSpeaks


It was the most touching ceremony, and I just want to say….Mom, kol hakvod! (Way to go!)  You’re amazing, and I loved watching you among the women in that very special group last night.

My song of the day today is the one that popped into mind when I thought of the word “proud,” because that is my feeling of the moment!  “Proud Mary” is written by Creedence Clearwater Revival, but here it is performed by another extraordinary woman, Tina Turner.  Check one for girl power, because women rock!


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