Are You Ready for the Summer, #973


This is it.  THE  biggest week of my family’s whole year.  For my children, this is the week that marks the end of their school year — the transition from when they are going into 4th & 2nd grades — the week when they can gratefully kiss homework goodbye for a couple of months — the week when their whole schedule turns into camp.

For me and my husband, it’s a whole different ball game.  This week means camp from behind the scenes!  Camp staff training begins this week, and we are getting ready for the next two months that will be spent so closely with these people…many of whom are starting their first summer with us.

There are so many details to pull together.  I’m emailing myself lists of things to get done before next week when the Day #1 comes.  As busy as I am though, my husband, the camp director, is a thousand times busier.  So, not only do I need to get my own work tasks done to make certain my music specialist/Jewish Culture specialist roles are completely satisfied, but I also become like a single mother for a few weeks.  At the beginning of each summer, I kiss my hubby goodbye and say, “See you in two months.”

I am being facetious.  We are still living under the same roof and are happily married, but camp involves long hours and sharing my main squeeze with hundreds of campers and their parents.

Last week, the movie “Meatballs,” was on TV.  This is a special movie to me, because I actually attended the camp where it was filmed.  Camp White Pine in Haliburton, Ontario, Canada is where our youth group camp was held for 1 week every summer.  Of course, “Meatballs” has special meaning for me and is definitely my summertime favorite.

At the beginning of each camp season, the song “Are You Ready for the Summer,” is running through my head like a broken record.  I’ve used it as a song of the day before…probably even last year at the same time.  The fact is…this is the song that sums it all up for me.  So, here it is along with classic opening movie scene of Bill Murray waking up and making overhead morning announcements.  Enjoy the scene…..and happy summer to all!



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