I’ll be There, #974

Having fun with my beautiful daughter

Having fun with my beautiful daughter

As I am sitting here this morning, I am struggling to get through my normal morning tasks.  I am sick…a huge head cold that is clogging my ears and making me feel so fuzzy.  As miserable as I am feeling, however, I am actually feeling really blessed.  The sweetest moment is coming to mind between all the Kleenex and sneezes.

Last night, with camp staff training only 2 days away, my husband had to work late.  I just wanted to crawl into bed, but there was dinner to take care of for the kids and backpacks to get ready for water day at school.  There was no opportunity for rest, and that is one thing no one shares with you before you have kids.  Being a Mom and being sick just don’t go together…the responsibility of motherhood is relentless!

I let out an audible groan when I opened the dish washer, and it was full with clean dishes.  “I’ll get that Mom.  You just sit down,” said a little voice as she grabbed an ice pack from the freezer.  She was wrapping it in paper towels.  “Here…for your head.”

My daughter, bless her heart, emptied that very full dish washer even though she couldn’t reach all the shelves to put things away.  She tried her darn hardest though, and oh my gosh…she was taking care of ME! 

Now do you all see why I am feeling blessed even though I am ill?  Somehow…and believe me, I don’t know how it happened…I have raised a very caring and thoughtful child.  Between us, blog readers, I don’t care nearly as much about good grades in school or anything else for that matter like I do with these amazing character traits.  She is a good girl, and to me, that is what matters most!.

So, my song of the day is the infamous “I’ll Be There” sung by the Jackson 5, because I am thrilled to tell you all….she’ll always be there for me, and I will most definitely always be there for her.  Yep, blessed…..that is the best feeling!


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