What Time Is It, #975


This blog post is for my children today.

I remember my last day of school every year as if it were it were yesterday.  It was like the most magical day…a day when I must have glanced at the clock a hundred times.  And then finally….the bell would ring.  After the big sigh of relief, it was like the biggest most exciting celebration.  So long teachers, homework and regimented schedules.  Summer’s officially here, and it’s time for camp.   Woooootttt!!!

I am so excited for them! Even though my mantra back in those days would have been Alice Cooper singing “School’s Out For Summer, (I’ve used it as a song of the day several times before), High School Musical is more their speed.  I love that this scene starts with the clock ticking, because that’s totally what it’s like.

So here you go, my sweet children….ENJOY!!!!!  This will be the best day ever.  Congrats on moving on to 2nd & 4th grades.  You did it!



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