Pablo Picasso, #976


The artist himself

There is a natural pride that comes along with motherhood, and it gives you a certain amount of bragging rights.  Still, I think I hold my children’s talents and abilities in good perspective and refrain from my Mommy boastful nature as often as possible.

Today is not one of those days, however, because I need to speak up about my son and his art.  Truth be told, he kind of blows me away.  It’s not that I think his skills are any different than any other kid his age.  Instead, it’s the way he views the world that feels so different.  His art always holds an interesting angle, and I just can’t deny his uncanny eye for seeing the world in an amazing perspective.  Perhaps this is because he is color blind or perhaps it is because he is just wonderfully unique.

Check out some of his beautiful art!


A clay sunshine…


A sunshine drawing…

DylsSunShineTwo friends watching a sunset…


Watercolor self portrait…


Self portrait…


Torn paper self portrait…


His art is so cool, and I wish I could frame everything and have it hanging all over my house!  Now if only I could get him to make art on command.  Like a true artist, my son will not be pushed to create unless the mood strikes him.  He is a passionate soul on all sides of the spectrum!

My song of the day is honor of my little “Pablo Picasso.”  The band “Modern Lovers” wrote a song about the famous artist, and today…it is for my artistic son, because who knows…perhaps he is the next Pablo!


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