The Greatest Love of All, #977

Sleeping like an angel

Sleeping like an angel


The phone rang at 9:00 last night.  My daughter was in tears.  “Mom, you have to come pick me up!’  She was over at her best buddy’s house for a sleep over, and the girls had accidentally watched a news story on Youtube about someone who died.  “They actually showed the body!” she expressed.  She was scared and wanted the comfort of home and sleeping in Mommy & Daddy’s bed.

Part of me wanted to make her tough it out, but I could hear the panic in her voice.  She was genuinely freaked out from whatever she saw, and I wanted to hug her.

So, I picked her up, got under the covers and snuggled her as we watched our favorite show, “Cake Boss” together.  She didn’t make it through the episode.  She was asleep in a matter of moments.

Sometimes, despite what’s practical, you just need your Mommy.  I get that.  I’m 42-years-old, and sometimes just need my Mommy, too.

My song of the day today is a classic.  Whitney Houston’s version of “The Greatest Love of All” still gives me chills when I hear it.  Blog readers…I will tell you – The greatest love of them all is between a mother and her children, and that it is why it is my song of the day.  Enjoy — and go give your a kiddos a hug, because they need it.



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