Sing: The Top 10 Ideas for Hosting a Great Summer Party, #978


I went to an awesome rockin’ party last night.  It had all the perfect elements for the kick off to summer weekend:  great food, great music, great atmosphere, great company and lots of fun for the kids as the parents spent time together.  My husband and I both agreed that we would like to have a summer party, too, and so, as I was hanging in this magical party land, I began to take note.

Then, I came home and began to read articles on line about hosting a great summer party.  After looking at a gazillion websites, I have compiled what I think at the best tips on the internet.  So…without further ado, here they are:


For Great Atmosphere

(1)  Bring the indoors outside – Create charming little spots that replicate indoor seating…comfy seats, curtains and lighting



(2)  Little white Xmas lights and any type of candles always add to the ambiance.  Try putting tea lights in jars or making plastic cup party lantern strands



Food and Drink

(3) Create a DIY drink station where guests can help themselves.  Try serving a “signature” cocktail, as well.



Sangria Bar

(4)  Keep the menu light.  Salads and grilled foods are seasonal favorites.  Add fresh flavors that caters to the summer heat.


Pool Tips

(5)  Make sure there is plenty of sunscreen available.  Nobody likes getting burned.


(6)  Designate or even pay someone to keep an eye on the pool at all times so parents can relax with other party guests.


(7)  Make sure there are lots of fun pool toys and floaties for everyone to play with.




(8)  Limit your guest list.  There is no need to have a rockin’ roarin’ party with more guests than you can handle.  It is just as effective to have a few guests over.  If you want to include lots of friends, have a few smaller parties.  There are a lot of weekends to enjoy during the summer!


(9) For the kids…set up little stations of outdoor party games and crafts to keep them busy.  Here are a few ideas from Pinterest.

Games_BallToss Games_Bubbles 61_9044 Games_RingToss


(10)  Music is essential to any party.  Live music is always the best, so if you and your guests are musical, bring out the guitars, drums and any other instruments you have lying around.  If not, make sure to make a party play list.  There is always a “song of the summer.”  It hasn’t been decided yet for Summer 2014, but my vote is for the song “Sing” by Ed Sheeran.  It is catchy and upbeat and from the smoking hot summer movie, “Fault In Our Stars.”  So, it is my song of the day today, because it is perfect for your summer party play lists.  Enjoy…and hope you have a summer full of wonderful parties and celebrating!


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