Happy, #979



My husband and I were driving back from Casa Grande, AZ yesterday and listening to some tunes on the radio….non-satellite radio…the regular Top 40 hits stations.  Most of the songs were complete crap – so boring with non-interesting melodies and pathetic lyrics.

Then, Pharrell’s “Happy” came on.  It’s such a perfectly crafted song and truly refreshing from all the other lesser quality music we had been listening to.

It suddenly occurred to me that most songs on the radio are about sex or violence or topics that I really don’t like my children listening to.  “Happy,” however, is awesome.  It’s just simply about being happy.  It’s a brilliant concept that really shouldn’t be novel…but the fact is, a song about being happy really is, indeed, novel.

I really like Pharrell Williams, too.  He’s a good role model with a seemingly amazing work ethic and talent.  He sings, raps and produces music.  He’s a fashion designer of two clothing lines (Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream) with store fronts in NYC.  He is also the founder of an amazing non-profit called From One Hand To Another, a foundation developed for youth between the ages of 7 and 20 in at risk communities throughout the country.  Here’s a link to their website:  http://fohta.org/

In an unsettling world filled with crime and terrorism and social unjust, it is so nice to have a role model who has encouraged us all to just be happy.

Here’s the world getting “Happy” in Israel:

And the world getting “Happy” in Iran.  Unfortunately, the people in this video got arrested in their country for being “happy.”  Five were let go, but the director is still behind bars.


And here’s his original video:

Pharrell has successfully spread happiness around the world.  What an amazing accomplishment!  I love this guy!  Let’s follow his words of wisdom and be happy!


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