Campy Music


Rise and shine, campers!!!

Today is the first day of summer camp in Tucson, AZ, and boy is my whole family excited.  In my household, camp is a big deal!  My husband is a camp director, I’m a music specialist, and my kids are the happiest little campers around.

Because we are “all camp” around here, I thought I’d give all of you Camp Mommies, a fun campy music activity today as a Top 10 Tuesday Music Activity.  This activity comes from an excellent camp website called “Ultimate Camp Resource.”  For all of you at-home camp families, this is a great site for you to figure out some fun summer activities, songs, art projects, skits, campfire stories, etc.  Here is the link to the main home page:

Now for the fun music activity…

Sleeping Bag

Musical Sleeping Bags

This is like musical chairs. Lay the sleeping bags in a circle. There should be one less sleeping bag than the total number of players. Begin the music, everyone walks in a circle on top of the bags. When the music stops each person must get into a sleeping bag. Only one person per bag!! The person left with out a sleeping bag is out. 


So, amp up your musical chairs camp style and have fun!  That’s what camp is all about!.  Enjoy & happy camping!

I hope you have enjoyed today’s Top 10 Tuesday music activity. For a complete list of the musical instruments under $40 that will help to promote music education in the home, click HERE.  For an archive of previous Top 10 Tuesday music activities, click HERE.  Make sure to check back every Tuesday for some more musical fun, and until next week, play on!


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