Popular, #981


As a follow up to my blog yesterday about my son and his broken finger, I thought I should give you all the outcome.  As it ends up, my son’s break was straight through his growth plate.  We were lucky, because if it wasn’t such a clean break, he would have needed surgery with a pin holding his bones together.  Fortunately, however, the doctor feels it will heal on its own as long as it’s “immobilized.”  A splint would have been fine except that my son is so active and is attending sport’s camp.  The doctor decided a cast would be the safest decision to avoid further injury, which could result in surgery after all.

So, he picked a color and got his first ever cast.


He thinks this cast is the coolest thing in the world, and when I dropped him back off at sport’s camp, he had a new found popularity.  “What happened?” everyone wanted to know, and then I tracked down a Sharpie pen for him.  Everyone wanted to sign his cast.  He loved all the attention.  It was the sweetest thing ever.

So now he is basking in his popularity, but what he doesn’t quite know is just how much this is going to affect him.  Today, sports camp is going on a tour of McHale Center where the U of A Wildcats play basketball.  He is so excited and has been talking about it nonstop.  What he doesn’t know yet is that the next two field trips are to Skate Country and Pump It Up (an inflatable playground where you jump) neither of which he will be able to attend.  I am scared to break this news to him.  He is going to be so disappointed.

For now we are focusing on the awesomeness of his cast, however, but I am sure it will get old fast.  It comes off in 3 weeks, and I am sure he will be thrilled to move on from it.

My song of the day for my son today is the song “Popular” from Wicked, because it’s cool to be popular…even if it’s your 5 minutes of fame.



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