And Starring Ann B. Davis as Alice, #983




Ann B. Davis May 3, 1926 - June 1, 2014

Ann B. Davis
May 3, 1926 – June 1, 2014

Oh gosh!  Ann B. Davis died yesterday!  I thought it was rough hearing about Maya Angelou’s passing, but Ann B. Davis takes it to a whole other level!

I know that so many of us have watched every single episode of the Brady Bunch and can even quote the shows and hold crazy records of knowing the most trivia.  (Di – yes, this means you!)  That is because the show strikes a chord with our childhoods.  The Brady’s were the family that every person wanted to be part of.  Marcia was every girl’s big sister, and Cindy was every girl’s kid sis.  Jan….well, she was the one with all the problems that we all could relate to.

The Brady Bunch

And then there was Alice.  She was the last mentioned in the credits…”and starring Ann B. Davis as Alice.”  She may have been the after thought, but really – she was nothing of the sort.  Alice was the grown up who was always there.  She was the greatest confidant, problem solver and even co-conspirator when a plan was needed.  She was nurturing and a friend and even made cookies and milk, too, at a moment’s notice.

Oh Alice…hearing of her passing is like losing your favorite Aunt.  I hope her apron makes it to the Smithsonian, but today, I need to pay homage to her in my own way.   My song of the day today is, of course, the Brady Bunch theme song, because to me…the after thought of “and starring Ann B. Davis as Alice” is the most memorable part.


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