School Days, #984


I had some big news yesterday….news that is about to seriously change my life.  Yesterday I learned that I was accepted into the masters program at Hebrew College.    Hebrew College is in Boston, but their Masters in Jewish Education can be obtained 100% online, which is why the program appealed to me.  I begin in the Fall, and the degree should take me 3 years to complete.

It is scary to go back to school after being away for so many years.  It must be more commonly done than you’d actually think though, because I was also awarded the Legacy Mid-Career Fellowship, which is designed for returning students just like me.  The fellowship will bring 15 of us together once a year at a conference and also reduces my tuition by 50%.  It is definitely meant to encourage returning students, and I am just so honored to be a part of this group of individuals.

There is such a fear of the unknown ahead of me…mostly about how I’m going to juggle everything in my life:  work, family and now school!  I will be a part time student though…3 classes a semester all helping me gain more knowledge for my career.

So….here I am….wife, mommy, daughter, teacher, friend, Aunt, employee, and student!  Holy moly!!!!!

My song of the day is a classic.  It’s Chuck Berry performing “School Days,” which takes on new meaning for me today.  This is one rockin’ tune for some really valuable days ahead!


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  1. Congrats Julie!!! That is awesome! It is easier then you think 😉 My suggestion, is that you set time up that is study time, and in a quiet place, it also sets a positive example for your kids to see how important school is and you may want to have family study time!! If you need to unwind from it let me know I will be doing the same thing, going to school too, but mine should only be a year and half!

    • Congrats to you, too! I will most likely do my studying at work at the end of the day when my hubby is still there working late. That’s when our kids usually do homework, too. It’s so exciting. I’m thrilled for you, too, Deena!!! 🙂

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