Sweet Thursday, #985


I am really a big lover of social media, and every once in awhile, there’ll be something that’ll go viral that I think is just the coolest thing ever.  My most current social media love is “Throwback Thursdays.”

People post their pictures from long ago.  They’ll hash tag it #TBT, and then from Facebook to Twitter it goes categorized in place of sweet memories of the past.  It has become a phenomenon, and I absolutely love it.  Throwback Thursday is exactly what Facebook should be about…a place of sharing from your life’s most poignant moments.

So, here you go.  I’m going to give you all my Throwback Thursday photo for today.  I stumbled upon this photo recently, and it is just the greatest memory.


This was from my son’s first birthday.  We stuck the cake right in front of him to sing for his milestone moment, and he stuck his finger right in the candle flame.  It was not what we were expecting, and boy did he cry.  At the time I felt awful, but looking back at the moment….what a memory!

Life’s precious moments all shared on one day each week…what could be better than that?  Today, I am giving my nod to a new wonderful tradition.  Bring on the throwback photos, because this songstress loves checkin’ ’em out.

My song of the day is by Matt Costa and is called “Sweet Thursday.”  I did not know the song before I wrote this blog and found it on a website.  It is perfect for Throwback Thursday though, because Thursdays have become all the sweeter.



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