Space Oddity, #986


Cardboard Box Spaceship

One thing about the summer time is that I am always so inspired by camp music, and my blogs usually end up reflecting that.  Every summer I pick out songs to teach the campers, and I always try to throw in songs that their parents will recognize and enjoy with them.

This past week at camp, the theme was “Out of This World,” so I taught the kids David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”  They all loved it especially when I showed them the video of astronaut, Chris Hadfield, singing a cover of it from the International Space Station on the last U.S. mission into space.

That’s the topic of this blog today really….just how sad I am about the fact that the U.S. space shuttle missions are over.  It’s just such an unbelievable concept that my kids will not grow up watching take offs from Cape Canaveral or learn about sonic booms first hand when a space shuttle re-enters into the Earth’s atmosphere.

I wish the USA could send space shuttles up to space just for the mere fact that kids need dreams and great role models.  Will there be no more cardboard boxes turned into launching shuttles with costumes made of tin foil and clear plastic bowls as the astronaut suits?  Is this a thing of the past?  Oh, dear country….those space shuttle missions were not just about science, but they were so much more for children everywhere.

I broke my heart a little as the campers watched the Chris Hadfield video soaking it up like sponges with question after question in pure fascination.

My song of the day today is, of course, “Space Oddity.”  I’m giving you both versions to watch…one for the nostalgia of the music and one for the nostalgia of childhood dreams.


David Bowie…Space Oddity


Chris Hadfield….Space Oddity


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