Wake Up Little Susie, #989


SunnyI really adore my dog, Sunny, but his internal clock is really killing me!

We adopted Sunny this past November from the Humane Society, and he’s had a hard time getting house broken.  I’m happy to say that we now have him crate trained, and he rarely has accidents anymore.

Though I am thrilled that he is finally getting it, the crate is like our best friend and our worst enemy.  Yes, it does his job getting him to “hold it” until we come home from work to take him outside, and yes, he loves his crate voluntarily going in just to hang out sometimes.

What drives me nuts about the crate, however, is that it has also become my freakin’ alarm clock!  OMG!  I’m completely serious!!!!  During the work week, my alarm is set for 5:30 am.  This is so I can feed our pets, write my blog and make breakfast for the family all before getting dressed.  I love my early morning hours before anybody else wakes up in the house.  It’s my peaceful time.

Sunny, however, weekday or weekend, wakes up before my alarm goes off.  He scratches at the crate until I wake up letting me know it’s time to take him outside.  He is relentless and will not let up until I get up.  Today, he woke me up at 4:50 am.  Come on, doggie!  Don’t you know that 4:50 am is inhumane?  Your Mama needs to sleep!!!

So, just sayin’…a dog is a man’s best friend, but a dog is also a Mama’s newborn-like baby.  I haven’t had this little sleep since my kids were infants.  This dog wakes up with the sun…hence the name, Sunny!  Oy vey!

So, my song of the day is the Everly Brothers singing “Wake Up Little Susie,” because I can almost hear those guitar chords each morning as this crate-scratching canine gets my tail out of bed everyday.  I love this pup to pieces, but goodness gracious….let me sleep!!!!


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