10 Ideas for the Perfect Camp Care Package, #990


When I was a kid, and I was at summer camp, I remember the excited feeling that would overcome me when I learned that a package had arrived for me from home.  My parents were the best at sending mail, and there were always 1 or 2 care packages every summer, too.  My counselors would open the boxes with me.  There’d be Mad Magazines and small toys inside, but my very favorite thing was when my parents would send me pistachios.  They’d send the red ones, and my fingers would turn red, too, when I ate them….a reminder of the love awaiting me when I returned back home.

When I picked my daughter up from camp last summer, one of the first things she mentioned was how much she loved her care packages.  Nowadays, you cannot send food to camp.  It is a big no no, and the camp staff warn that they will have to take any food items away.  I guess camps across the United States realized that food in the cabins attract critters.  So, there are no red pistachios for her, but it doesn’t matter…anything from home is an absolute treat.

So, for Moms and Dads wondering what to ship of to their camping kiddos, here are 10 ideas for your camp care packages this summer that I know will bring your children joy!

(1)  The Rainbow loom and accessories….


Any parent has seen the rubber band bracelets that kids are wearing and making these days.  My kid brought hers to camp along with a variety of rubber bands.  I am sending her more rubber  bands and an upgrade kit to go along with it for hours of friendship bracelet fun.

(2)  Mad Libs….


They still haven’t gone out of style.  My daughter specifically asked me to send her some.  As a parent, I love them, because it’s silly fun that encourages your child to interact with friends and teaches grammar at the same time!

(3) Hair chalk….


This is the coolest invention ever, because it is so easy to do, and kids love it.  Adding temporary colored streaks to your hair have never been more fun and simple.

(4) Nail polish


I sent 3 nail polishes to my daughter last summer, and she finished them all off.  She and her cabin mates had a blast painting each other’s nails!

(4) A diary…


Camp is the most incredible time, and a diary is the best way to remember it all.  Encourage your child to write everything down!

(5)  Beanie Boos

Beanie Boos

My daughter begs me for one of these big-eyes buddies every time we walk past one in a store.  They’re small, but oh so cuddly and cute!

(6)  Mosquito Bracelet Repellent



Sold at drugstores, these are a fashionable alternative to smelly “off” spray!

(7) Fabric markers


Your child will be making friends at camp, and what a nice keepsake to come home with autographs signed on a t-shirt, a backpack, a pillowcase…whatever special item you can find!

(8) Uno


Still such a fun game, and it’s easy to pack when they come back home!

(9) Glow necklaces

glow necklaces

These can be purchased at The Dollar Store, so they’re cheap.  Buy enough for your kid to hand out to their whole cabin.  They’ll gain popularity and have a fun night wearing them around with their buddies.

(10) Temporary Tattoos


These never get old, and your child will have fun sharing these with friends!

I hope this blog gives you all some fun ideas.  Care packages shower your kids with love, so today, my camp care package song of the day is James Taylor “Shower the People.”  JT & camp go hand in hand, so enjoy the song and happy care packing, parents!  Your kids will love them!



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